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Organic ghee is expensive to buy but super easy to make at home. It's also really satisfying to watch bubbling away and makes the kitchen smell amazing. Up now on YouTube is my second "how to video" showing you the stages of making ghee. This is one thing which is really good to see being made. The butter goes through several stages before it turns in to ghee and the video shows you exactly how to do it. Traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine, ghee is simply clarified butter which is heated to remove all the milk solids and proteins. So it can often be used by people with lactose intolerance. I use ghee virtually every day in my kitchen. Either in cooking, rubbed in to sore or rough skin a

A Little Holiday Reading...

My idea of a holiday is having the time to read the piles of books next to my bed. Usually these are non-fiction books, mainly about health, medicine and food. I know that's not everyone's idea of relaxation but who wants to work with a professional who isn't a little obsessed with the subject?! I wanted to share with you the books I read when I was away a few weeks ago in case they catch your eye for a little holiday reading when the time comes. First Bite - Bee Wilson Bee Wilson as a historian tackles the fascinating history of how we develop our tastes and create the food habits we have. This isn't so much a health book but an enlightening investigation in to how we appear to have forgott

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