What's The Big Deal With Gluten?

I watched with interest the BBC Horizon programme last week Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth expecting some quality TV journalism and insightful debate with some of the media darlings on food - Deliciously Ella and Hemsley Hemsley. I could not have been more disappointed. The opening lines of "Imagine if the food you choose... could make you feel well... Imagine if you could become healthy or healthier by eating fresh, natural ingredients..." were offered like these ideas were some kind of insane, radical statements - seriously, give me a break... Unfortunately the rest of the programme left me wanting to pull off my ears (a bit harsh I know, but it really did drive me crazy...) I constantly h

"I Can Make Diseases Disappear..."

... said Dr Rangan Chatterjee at his TEDx talk in December. Quite a bold statement really. Luckily for Rangan he is a GP and he can say that. It's the kind of statement which would have the ASA wanting to shut down my website and I would find myself hastily removed from BANT (my registering body). However, this talk is one of the best explanations I have heard about Functional Medicine - the type of medicine I practice at the clinic. In Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition we're looking for the underlying cause of the problem as opposed to just suppressing symptoms. I call it “root-cause resolution.” It’s the difference between turning off the stove and just putting a lid on a boilin

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