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Fasting, Celery Juice and Functional Medicine

Just before I break for the holidays I wanted to link you in with a podcast I recorded recently for my colleague and friend - Grace Kingswell - who has her own podcast channel State Of Mind.


We get stuck in to some of the current food theories (hello celery juice and fasting) and I get the chance to talk about why I'm so passionate about Functional Medicine (my all time favourite subject).

So do take a listen, like and share - my hope is the more people hear about this view on the world the quicker we can change health care for the better.

You can find the podcast here. My daughter also reliably informs me you can also find it on iTunes and Spotify if you search for "State Of Mind Debbie Lewis".

I will be taking a break to slow down over the summer and take some rest with my family from 6th August until the 4th September. I won't be checking emails or social media over that time - but the office will be open if you need to contact them.

Sending you the warmest wishes and I hope you have some space to slow over the next few weeks.

If you get chance do check out Brené Brown: The Call to Courage on Netflix... something for us to discuss when I get back!

Debbie x

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