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Clinic Changes & New Faces

Wow, I had no idea this time last year I would still be working from home a year later. I've got a good setup in my home office, but it still feels strange to have patients I've never met in person.

Unfortunately the combination of not using the Hereford clinic for over a year and the building being up for sale has meant I've decided to let the clinic space go. I dearly miss seeing people in real life and when the situation is clearer I will be revisiting the idea of a physical clinic again for sure.

Helen Macklin

Another change is I have been searching for a while for another practitioner to join me and I am delighted Helen Macklin has agreed to join the team.

Helen is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and is also completing an MSc in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen. A mum of three, she also lives in Herefordshire.

Her areas of specialism include female health, autoimmune conditions, stress management, digestive dysfunction, energy and weight management.

Helen is also the founder of a breast cancer charity which promotes an integrative approach to breast cancer care.

I will be working alongside Helen and I am so pleased with her joining me we now have more capacity to support even more patients.

For now both of us will continue to work online - with the intention of face to face appointments resuming at some point in the future.


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