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Diet Change And Christmas...

There are two times of the year people never really want to talk to me about diet and lifestyle change. Just before the start of the summer holidays and at Christmas...



Many of us work so hard throughout the year were are desperate in the holidays to kick back, relax a little and enjoy our friends and family.

There are the obvious tips to make it through the holidays without feeling something terrible has happened to your body by the start of 2019 - make sure you drink enough water, keep your blood sugar stable with a protein and fat breakfast, don't skip meals, eat before you go out if you're concerned about the food where you're going, don't go to a party hungry, load up on the veggies, take winter walks...

Now is also a good opportunity to look at how much of our eating is for other people. How do we feel about standing out? Is it comfortable to make choices for ourselves others might not agree with? Do we make choices which are not helpful to us for fear of upsetting family?

These are all great ideas but I'd like to add another tip which is often forgotten.

Enjoy yourself.

Many of us will stray a little from our usual food plans so do aim to not fall totally off the wagon. It can be messy, hard work and expensive in the new year to get back on.

But if you choose to not keep entirely to your usual diet please do eat those foods with pleasure and enjoy them. The emotional effects of the food we eat can be as important as the nutrients going in.

We all work hard and need time for relaxation and rest. Now is not the time for guilt.

This year as an experiment I'm planning to delete all the social media apps from my phone for the holidays. I look forward to connecting with you again when I'm back in the office on 9th January.

Sending you and those you love the warmest of winter wishes,

Debbie x


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