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Grace and Juice for January...

I am sure like many of you, I returned to work last week feeling a little worse for the consumption of the holidays. But my email box was full of tips to make resolutions stick. How to approach a fresh start. How to keep shiny new intentions.

I only ended up feeling more guilty.

I have never been convinced that January is a good time for fresh start and resolutions. The light is low, our bodies are still being encouraged to hibernate, we feel a need to conserve the precious energy we have left from the summer.

Yet everything outside is telling us to make change and stick to it.

Get back on the path.

This year I'm suggesting we show ourselves and our bodies some grace over these darker months. To appreciate how our bodies keep us going through this winter season and the hunger of the spring. I'm suggesting rather than a radical change which we never stick to, t one simple change - done consistently - might do the trick.

Rather the 7 day juice fast (which having looked at my email inbox seemed the only thing which could right the wrongs!)

I committed to adding in just one fresh green juice a day.

7 days later the world is a much better place. My body feels revived, my digestion better, my skin more shiny and it really was very easy to do. No hard resolutions, no sense of pressure. Just one juice a day.

My favourite green juice is apple, cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, lemon and ginger. But keep it simple, just use what you have.

The produce in your fridge are nature's best detoxifies - loaded with water, fibre and nutrients they will fill and cleanse you.

Wishing you grace for January. Enjoy what you have enjoyed and move on!



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