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Hereford Indie Food Talk - Monday 28th August - "The Perfect Diet"

Apologies to those of you not in the Herefordshire area (although this would be a great excuse for a bank holiday weekend away!) but do keep reading and there is a new great recipe in the Zine below...


Indie Food Zine II

I was born in Hereford and apart from the fact no one ever seems to know where it is (recently I was at a conference and supposedly sat next to people in my area and found myself surrounded by people from Cambridge and Norwich...) there has never been much to shout about. Apart from the Mappa Mundi... as my mother often reminds me.

But we have so many fabulous makers and producers in the area and such an exciting revival of great restaurants and cafes opening up in the city. Including my favourite place to eat.

The Indie Food Zine was put together (with some beautiful photography) to celebrate what we have here. The recent Zine has some great interviews with local producers and I'm there too. You can download a copy here if you haven't been able to get one locally.

I have put a recipe inside for how to make fire cider - a great tonic for the immune system which you might want to get ready for when the autumn approaches :-(

I was really excited to be asked to contribute to this years Indie Food Festival. If you didn't come along last year it was GREAT!!!

From 26th - 28th August there will be local street food, bars, live music, producers and makers celebrating Hereford's finest and the people interviewed in the Zine.



There are going to be talks every morning and I will be interviewed on Monday 28th @ 11.00am by Kitty Corrigan - local journalist and green consultant - talking about what makes the perfect diet and why the state of the body is as important as the foods we are eating - hello functional medicine and digestion ;-)

The talks are being run by Hay Festival. You need a ticket in advance - £10 - which includes the talk, daytime entrance to the festival, a Method coffee (seriously the best coffee ever) and Alex Gooch Cinnamon Bun (g/f people look away)...

Please do come along, it would be great to see you and those readers I haven't met before, please do say hello!

Wishing you a restful time this summer and hoping we don't need the fire cider too soon,



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