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Is This Forever?

Most often when people come to see me we start with a simple diet clean up. We take out the foods which may be challenging the body - such as gluten, dairy and sugar - and add in more protein, fat and lots more vegetables.

As someone who lived on mainly bread, cheese and pasta for 15 years I understand the panic I see in people's eyes when they realise it may be while until they eat pizza again.

The question I am often (quite reasonably) asked is...

"Is this forever?"

And the answer is...

"It depends"

Chris Kresser has written a great article on this recently going in to much detail with a rather complex answer to what seems like such an easy question. You can find it here.

For me the key point is that we must never stop at just removing foods. In my clinic I'm always looking for the underlying cause as to why someone might be reacting to a particular food and taking action to restore health and function to the body.

It has to be a two part process.

In good health



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