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Time For Self Care...

The Winter Hideout at Hellens Manor in Hereford was truly wonderful. It was such a huge pleasure to be able to host such a diverse group of women and to rest, learn and laugh together. If you fancy joining us for the Spring Hideout do jump over to the website and add your details to the mailing list



The theme for the Hideout was rest and reflection. I gave a number of talks on how to support our immune system through the winter, choosing the "best diet" and the science behind rest. Lisa taught us ways to integrate a daily relaxation practice and restorative evening sessions in our lovely yoga barn.

Our dear friend Gill kept us amazingly well fed with the most delicious organic and local food (with a couple of glasses of biodynamic wine for those who fancied it!)

I wanted to share with you one of the exercises we did over the weekend focusing on our own self care. It's perfect for this time of year when despite the frantic build up to Christmas our bodies really thank us for slowing down to rest.

You can download a copy of the Self Care Questionnaire here.

There are no right or wrong answers when you fill this in. It's really offered as a tool for reflection and to give you ideas of small ways you can make time for yourself this winter and help build your resources for Spring.

I will be away from the clinic for the winter break between 18th December and 9th January. Please do drop me or the office a line if you need anything before we close for the holidays.

Sending you and those you love the warmest of wishes,

Debbie x


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