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Welcome Back From The Summer & New London Clinic!

With the children safely back to school I wanted to let you know about a book and film I came across over the summer which you might find interesting.

I am also super pleased we have started renovating the new clinic in Marylebone, London. Not all the rooms are finished yet, but it’s looking pretty good and from November I will be working there a couple of days a month. I am looking forward to meeting my patients from the South East who have struggled to travel to Hereford.

I went on a yoga retreat over the summer with the amazing appleyoga and it was such a pleasure to be able to talk to people and dispel so many of the myths around “good and bad” foods.



One subject which came up a lot was fat - which many of you know I am a big fan of - and is very wrongly vilified as being “bad” for us.

Dr Mark Hyman who is one of the founders of Functional Medicine in the US has a new book “Eat Fat Get Thin”. I’m not massively keen on the title but it does have an excellent, well researched exploration into why we have become fat phobic and the very poor science behind current dietary recommendations.

Eating saturated fat does not cause heart disease. Once you understand the biochemistry of how cholesterol is made in the body it is very clear we have been very mislead.

When we remove fat from our meals not only do we eat more as we feel less satiated, but in order for foods to be “tasty” the manufacturers add in sugar. There is very good evidence our current diet - based on sugar and refined carbohydrates - is the real driver underlying so many of our illnesses today. Do have a look at Dr Hyman’s book to dive in more and understand the different types of fat and how they benefit us.



On a similar theme you can watch a free film online - Fixing Dad - following the journey of two brothers who set out to fix their father, Geoff, who was overweight, over-worked and at risk of foot amputation due to his type 2 diabetes.

It’s a very touching story as to how this family used food and lifestyle interventions to reverse Geoff’s health conditions.

Wishing you an easy transition in to Autumn…



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