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What Am I Going To Do At Christmas?!

Christmas is a tricky time for anyone who is in the middle of dietary changes.



Most people I have seen in the clinic recently have been worried about "what am I going to do at Christmas". They have real concerns about how they can keep to the successes they have achieved without upsetting friends/family/the neighbours when our annual excess of feasting begins.

There are the obvious tips - make sure you drink enough water, keep your blood sugar stable with a protein and fat breakfast, don't skip meals, eat before you go out if you're concerned about the food at a party, load up on the veggies...

Now is also a good opportunity to look at how much of our eating is for other people. How do we feel about standing out? Is it comfortable to make choices for ourselves that others might not agree with?

We must eat well to prevent disease and keep our bodies healthy. Fresh food from reliable sources is not only important for physical health but also for our emotional health too.

And really, who doesn't have a good dose of emotional stress over the holidays too?

So take time to rest over the holidays, nourish yourself and your body with foods that create health. The excesses of Christmas are as troublesome for our bodies as the detox/clean eating trends of the New Year.

Most of us will stray... and if you choose to not keep to your usual diet please do eat those foods with pleasure and enjoy them. The emotional effects of the food we eat can be as important as the nutrients going in. Now is not a time for guilt.

This time of year I am also pushed to feel such gratitude for the huge number of food choices we have. To worry about the details of what we eat is a luxury many cannot afford.

With much gratitude from my home to yours.

In good health,

Debbie x


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