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You Never Dine Alone...

The Obama administration recently announced it will spend over a hundred million dollars on deepening our knowledge of the human microbiome - the bacteria, fungi, viruses and other organisms which make their home in and on our bodies.



There has been lots about this in the news and two short programmes on Radio 4 looking at the links between the microbiome and diet. You can download and listen to them here.

I am often asked what I think the best way of eating is and the honest answer is always "it depends". So many people (often online) are passionate that their diet is the one to fix everyone - paleo, primal, vegan, vegetarian, blood type - but none of them are right.

These diets work for some people, some of the time. But not for everyone. The Radio 4 programmes suggest one reason for the wide variety of "successful" diets is due to the enormous variety in people's microbiomes. Something I would really agree with.

The programmes are only available for the next few days so get listening...



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