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Congratulations to our MSc holders!

I am so delighted to announce Helen and Rachael were awarded their MSc in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Aberdeen this month. And as if that wasn't enough - they were both graded with a distinction! I am so grateful and lucky to have them as part of our clinical team.

If you'd like to find out more about the research they undertook as part of their Masters degrees here is what they studied -

Rachael - Dissertation: An evaluation of the NHS Policy for Fertility Treatment in England: Body Mass Index

I assessed the criteria for IVF treatment funded via the NHS specifically with regard to BMI restrictions. This has helped me clinically as there are many underlying factors which can impact BMI. If someone is less likely to obtain treatment due to their BMI being out of range I am well positioned to support them from a functional perspective to give a better chance of both treatment via the NHS and a positive outcome.

Helen - Dissertation - Evaluation of the Impact and Consequences of NICE Guidelines 23 for Menopause: Diagnosis and Management

There is currently no licensed product for testosterone for women in the UK. I undertook a qualitative project to identify the main themes arising from current guidelines, avenues to access testosterone, prescription and doses, and the impact of testosterone use for women. This has developed my own practice over the last twelve months as I really understand the clinical processes and experiences that clients may be going through when they come to see me.

Well done to them both!


*****We have 6 places left for anyone else who would like to join us on the Revelation Retreat in September*****


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