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Immune Resilience & Wellness Week - Live and Recorded 16th-22nd October

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Join Katy Appleton and Debbie Lewis for an incredible week of “Immune Resilience”.

Merging their inspiring worlds of yoga and functional medicine, this highly potent and insightful content is essential for wellbeing in the world we currently live, especially moving deeper into the Autumn and Winter months.

The content of this Immune Resilience Week will be offered online with live interactive sessions and recordings that can be done at your own pace. With an additional week to redo any of the content and also downloadable material to keep.

There is also the option to join us and receive the content without the stronger live yoga classes.

What you will receive -

  • Two exclusive, pre-recorded functional medicine talks with Debbie on the immune system, supporting the body in times of stress and practical tips on how to keep you and your family well.

  • 19 October 2022, the opportunity for a live online talk with Debbie and a Q&A to answer your questions about strengthening your health as we move into winter. You will be able to submit questions in advance if unable to attend.

  • Katy will offer two live online yoga practices based around immunity and the Autumn season. 16 & 22 October 2022 (Suggested for strong beginners upwards for the live sessions)

  • Plus two recorded classes to down-regulate the nervous system and boost immunity, using the simple to follow yogic tools of mantra, meditation and movement. Suitable for all.

  • Bonus audio led meditation - Yoga Nidra

Please forward on to friends and family - everyone is welcome to join us!


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