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Warmest Wishes From Us All

It's been another busy year in clinic.

We are continuing to learn and grow together as a team and are constantly inspired by all the people we work with. Thank you to the many of you who trust us with your health and allow us to do the work we love so much.

A highlight for me this year was running the Revelation Retreat in Greece. It was a brilliant experience to meet so many new people in person and to have the time and space to really get stuck into things - thank you to everyone who was part of it.

Also a great honour to be invited to speak at the launch of the new British Network Of Functional Medicine last month. 10 years ago when I started the clinic no one had heard of Functional Medicine, so it's exciting to be part of a growing movement changing the way we fundamentally approach our health.

Sending you all much rest over the holidays - updates from Helen and Rachael below.

Debbie x


I just wanted to say thank you to all of my lovely clients for making 2023 a fantastic year in clinic. It has been a very busy year! My Masters ended on a high in June enabling me to focus solely on clinical practice for the latter part of the year. The work has been so varied from supporting women through perimenopause and beyond, to working with clients with autoimmune conditions and more. Indeed an absolute highlight to end the year was an email from the parents of a very young alopecia client with the fantastic news that her Christmas wish for hair has come true with lots of new hair growth! I could not be more delighted. I am truly looking forward to getting back into the clinic in the new year but for now I am looking forward to a couple of weeks rest and made it to the mountains. Warmest wishes to you all. Helen x


2023 has been a wonderful year for hormone and fertility support. We have had 31 pregnancies and 14 deliveries, both a mixture of IVF and natural conception. We have worked very hard to support underlying issues relating to unexplained infertility, miscarriage, low egg reserve, PCOS, endometriosis, male factor, autoimmune, toxic exposure and nutrient deficiencies. The functional approach has worked really well in helping to restore balance and hormone health. Not only have we had great success with pregnancies and deliveries, but men and women are understanding their bodies better than before and setting up an environment for healthy babies. Here is a photograph of myself and baby Clark, a little miracle who joined us after his mum had a traumatic loss and bowel cancer but found the strength to keep going and use nutrition and lifestyle to support her body and mind. Rachael x



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