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Happy Mid Winter - 2019 Hideout Dates

Despite what the Gregorian calendar is telling us, we are really still in mid-winter. For the cycle of the seasons it's not really the start of a new year - yet.



When we're looking to the seasons for inspiration now is not really the time for bursting forth and great new plans. Don't worry, the time will come.

In the meantime I'm still focusing on the self care this time of year demands. Conserving my resources , eating warm and nourishing foods and taking time to continue the process of reflection.

Something I have been really enjoying doing over the holidays is completing a gratitude journal each evening. It's really easy to do and you can download the Institute for Functional Medicine handout on Gratitude here.

So often we focus on what's not working, how unwell we feel, what we are missing - a gratitude journal is the best antidote I've found to this.

I've also been working on some daily easy movement. For me this is yoga, for you it could be a comfy walk, getting off the tube one stop earlier, tai chi - there are so many ideas available to access now online.

If you are based in Hereford my dear friends Lisa and Zoe have a new term of classes at Clear Space Studios which fit the "easy movement" vibe perfectly. Lisa is going to be running on Tuesday evenings Candlelight Yoga and gentle yoga courses during the day. Zoe is offering Crystal Singing Bowl Relaxation and Moving Meditation. Most of these need to be booked in advance if you'd like to join in.

Despite my aversion the new-year-new-start-new-you themes I have been making a few plans.

Lisa and I have set the dates for the 2019 Hideouts

Spring Hideout 11th-14th April

Summer Hideout 4th - 7th August

Winter Hideout 14th - 17th November

We are going to be at the lovely Hellens Manor, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY as we had such a good experience there for the Winter Hideout last year.

I'm going to be firming up our ideas for the Spring Hideout in the next few weeks and I will let you know when the tickets are going on sale. For now... mark your calendars...

If you'd like to see what we got up to at the Winter Hideout take a little look over on the website

Warm wishes



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